Mount Elgon National Park

The World Largest Mountain Caldera

Mount Elgon at 4000km2 has the largest volcanic base in the world and is a massive solitary volcanic mountain on the boarder of eastern Uganda and western Kenya. Its vast form, 80km in diameter, rises 3000m above the surrounding plains. Its mountainous regional landscape and cool heights offer respite for humans from the hot plains below and its higher altitudes provide refuge for flora and fauna.

The park is home to over 300 species of birds, including the endangered Lammergeyer. Small antelopes, forest monkeys, elephants, and buffaloes also live on the mountainside; the higher slopes are protected by the national parks in Uganda and Kenya, creating an extensive trans-boundary conservation area which has been declared a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

Mount Elgon National Park is 235km from Kampala. It can be accessed through a tarmac road that runs through Jinja to Mbale town at the western base of Mount Elgon.

The major activities in the park include; mountain climbing, mountain Biking, The trails start from Sipi trading center to Chema hill in Kapchorwa town. , birding, hiking , nature walks, rock climbing, sport fishing and cultural encounters with a chance to see where coffee comes from, how it is grown on the sides of Mount Elgon.